The Man, The Myth, The App Developer....

    Nicholas grant is an Indie iOS & Android App Developer with published projects now spread across multiple App markets. In May 2011, with no experience in OOP, Graphic Design Tools, or Animation he bought himself a Macbook and set out to create his first iOS App. In his day job he is a Developer in an AS/400 environment for a financial institution, so he wanted to find a way of creating an App that would be something fun to do in his spare time. In researching iOS App tutorials he found online, he discovered the Cocos2D-iPhone framework, and started to develop his first app, a rediculous iOS game called Goats Flying. Upon the games successful submission to the App Store, he found himself working on another game idea immediately after. Since then he's spread out and ported many of his iOS games over to the Android Platform with the help of a porting tool called Stella SDK, provided free by Samsung Apps to help aid successful iOS Developers port their apps over to Android, and publish them in their Android App Store. His success using this tool resulted in an article being published regarding his success story, that was featured in January 2013 on the website for Samsung Developers.
    His hopes are to one day make Mobile Development his career some day, but for the time being he isn't quitting his day job. Making Games has been a lot of fun for him, and even makes a profit. However, it's only enough to help support this hobby for now. So, if you're a hiring manager looking for an iOS Developer with the experience level I've gained over the last two years to join your team, please contact me. 


Nicholas Grant
Independent iOS & Android App Developer
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